"Tandem has helped us giving us the tools to start important conversations that otherwise we wouldn't have. We have learned that marriage is a sacred bond between two imperfect people which is made possible by a perfect God, and held together with limitless love, unshakable faith and undying devotion for one another."
Barbara & Jose

"Having been invited to Tandem by a friend, we didn’t really know what to expect. With lockdown, we had been quite isolated from a faith community, and tandem couldn’t have come at a better time. As we prepared for marriage, we got to meet lots of like minded people, with the same heart for God. Speaking with each other, and discussing different topics opened up lots of great conversation for us as we prepared to get married. The openness and honesty of the other couples helped us to delve deeper into our own relationship with each other and with God, and the vulnerability of the group has really been such a blessing. It really has been a joy to be part of, and I’d encourage any couples considering Tandem, to go for it. It has massively helped us to know and love each other and God."
Breige & Dom

"Tandem was launched in Ireland only recently, in May 2021, with the intention to help young couples grow in their relationship and faith. Nine wonderful couples from Ireland and beyond adhered to the call!
At the center of each tandem meeting are the couples and their sharing, which creates an intimate bond and an occasion to confront and nourish each other.
Our role is just to facilitate the meetings; our young couples have always been eager to share their experiences and thoughts, and we always felt very energized by them, learning a lot ourselves!"
Ilaria and Pierpaolo, accompanying couple

"So grateful for Tandem meetings that help us have really intentional date nights that have a focus of conversation and help us really have wholesome time together! Then the meetings are always so good, and just such a learning curve about others. We have a really great group and our team leaders really look out for us and demonstrated such love and support! An invaluable gift to our marriage"
Megan & David

"Tandem has been an amazing experience, helping us to growth as a couple and reinforce our belief in God"
Iliana and Mario

"We started Tandem during the last months of our engagement, and it prepared us well for many of the things that have already come up in our marriage. The balance in our group between engaged and recently married couples, and then couples with years of experience of marriage was very valuable to us, as we always felt like our successes and struggles were perfectly understood. We are always looking forward to the next meeting!"
Marta & Jason

"We joined Tandem with the hope of deepening our marriage through honest dialogue and learning from the experience of other couples who share a similar faith. From the first meeting, we were totally engaged with the content of the course and its illumination on the simple yet profound themes of everyday life that we can often fail to grasp with full comprehension. The beauty of marriage is often found in sharing its blessings with others on a similar path and we felt supported and understood from both participating couples and programme leaders. Being a part of Tandem has brought us closer as a couple, made us less fearful to discuss and solve the complexity of being individuals in a committed lifelong union."
Michelle and Joe

"Our marriage has been so enriched through our participation in the monthly tandem meeting. The topics are so relevant to our everyday lives and it’s been inspiring getting to know other couples at various stages of their marriage vocation."
Aoife & Thomas
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